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About Us

KCK Global is a leading provider of outsourced transaction processing e-commerce and database management serving business solutions to media companies. We help our customers stay competitive by providing cost-effective outsourcing solutions by adding value to every customer relationship through best-in-class service and latest technological solutions.


To provide superior client service using the latest technology for outsourcing and data management that enhances the long-term value and effectiveness for our customers in North America.


To continuously improve our solutions to help transform and enhance our customers’ business.


To help our clients succeed and have a positive impact on each employee’s quality of life.


KCK Global purchased the subscription fulfillment business from Cornerstone Group of Companies which it operated for over 10 years.


Today we are a leading provider of outsourced business solutions to multiple media companies, delivering a variety of innovative and flexible e-commerce, order management, fulfillment, payment processing and marketing services.


Our state of the art solutions maximize the value of data for online and offline transaction processing.