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Donor Management

KCK Global is focused on helping nonprofits increase their impact on the world around them. Our donations processing solutions free nonprofits to shift their focus from back-end operations to supporting and delivering upon a mission, significantly lowering processing costs and reducing capital expenditures in the process.

Donations Processing
End-to-end processing of mailed donations that includes:

  • Mail opening and extraction

  • Document scanning

  • Data capture and keying

  • Workflow management

  • Transaction balancing

  • Exceptions handling

  • Flexible depositing

  • Information tracking & reporting

  • Donor acknowledgment generation

Remote Deposit Capture
Install our remote deposit capture equipment at your site and send scanned remittance information directly to our processing system.

Advanced Imaging Technologies
Sophisticated page-scanning technologies ensure efficient capture of information submitted by donors. 

Intelligent Handwriting Recognition
Identify, capture and update handwritten changes donors have made on their mailed-in form.

Archive Your Donations 
Keep a record of all your processed donations that can be sorted, searched, downloaded or printed on demand.

Efficiently process funds while capturing the information that matters most with KCK Global’s donations processing solutions.

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