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Mailing Services

Conducting a meaningful dialogue with donors and customers helps build trust, loyalty and long-term relationships with their most important asset. KCK Global offers a wide range of services to help expedite donor acknowledgements and other communications. We draw on our extensive resources and experience in printing and mailing services to help engage your donors and customers while focusing on what they do best.


KCK Global understands the critical importance of timely and personal acknowledgement. Our one-stop-shop mailing services help you simplify the process of preparing, printing and mailing communications, leveraging economies of scale without sacrificing quality or speed.  We can print one-off tax receipts, process your annual tax receipts, renewal and invoice mailings as well as direct mail.

Our mailing facilities offer a complete set of services, including:

• Stock receiving

• Document composition

• Warehousing – pulling and staging

• Printing

• Finishing – cutting and folding

• Inserting

• Postal prep and load

• Reporting

The benefits of choosing KCK Global include:

State-of-the-art automated production process that prepares acknowledgements with accuracy, accountability and cost in mind.  Our highly efficient facilities enable us to be a complete solution provider, saving not-for-profits the hassle of managing multiple vendor relationships, processing data from multiple sources and struggling with resource constraints.  To ensure timely acknowledgements and communications, our printer engines have backups in place so there is never any down time.

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