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Remittance & Lockbox Processing

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s paramount to process and acknowledge payments faster from your customers, so that the mission of your organization can be performed more quickly.


KCK Global’s industry-leading systems and expertise enable you to efficiently manage funds, proactively respond to customers, effectively distribute correspondence and even help cross-sell products and services.


KCK Global’s lockbox solutions automate the capture, management, archival and delivery of your receivables, processing your payments and translating customer information into valuable marketing data.


Our optimized solution captures data from virtually any document that comes with your receivables, including invoices, payments, correspondence, surveys, coupons and more. From paper-intensive, check-centric transaction processing to electronic payment environments, KCK Global has the systems and expertise in place to manage your business needs.


Retail – Process high volume monthly (and regularly scheduled) payments, receivables and forms through automated imaging and optical character recognition (OCR)/intelligent character recognition (ICR) driven lockbox systems.


Wholesale – Capture data from smaller volumes of receivables, complex (“dirty”) transactions and forms, and even remittance documentation that varies from piece to piece.


KCK Global has the ability to post gifts and electronically deposit to the bank – all at one time – through our remote deposit solution. Our solution enables you to install a desktop scanner on site to feed data and remittance documents directly to KCK Global’s processing systems. This saves costly postal fees and float time associated with mailing batches to a central lockbox or processing documents internally.


Additionally, with remote deposit capture, you can easily post misdirected or walk-in payments, ensuring they are securely entered into your payment system. This solution also saves your organization from unforeseen obstacles, including accidental duplicate postings, time delays and data entry errors.


Automation. Mechanize many labor-intensive and manual functions, reducing total operations and processing expenditures.

Speed. Maximize your receivables with increased funds availability and expedite the daily receipt of incoming/outgoing mail.

Redundancy. Our facility has redundant equipment to ensure no down time for mechanical failures.

Availability. Your A/R systems are updated quickly to translate information to other areas of your organization.

Control. Drill down into your information to be more proactive in your marketing initiatives and enterprise system capabilities.

Flexibility.  With KCK Global you have complete depository freedom to select your banking institution of choice.

Compliance. KCK Global takes payment security to the highest level. We are a certified PCI service provider and have adopted the stringent standards. Our cohesive payment solutions function at an extremely high volume and across platforms to satisfy your customers’ expectations and maximize your revenue.


  • Ability to process documents ranging in size from 3.5 in. x 6 in. to 8.5 in. x 14 in.

  • Daily funds balancing and depositing

  • Automated reading and detection of scanlines, check/tick marks, stamps or stickers, MICR information, handwriting

  • Optical read software to capture specific areas of information

  • Compliant and secure processing environments

  • Secure transportation of documents

  • Disposal of documents requiring destruction via a certified third-party disposal company

  • Destruction of all ECP-related documents according to X9 requirements via a certified third-party disposal company

  • Ability to bank with numerous financial institutions and easily add banking partners as required.

KCK Global is PCI DSS Compliant

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