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Donations Processing

KCK Global is focused on helping not-for-profits increase their impact on the world around them. As a leading provider of donations processing, our solutions free up time for not-for-profits to shift their focus from back-end operations to supporting and delivering upon a mission, significantly lowering processing costs and reducing capital expenditures in the process.


KCK Global processes more than 5 million annual remittance payments and donations, including paper and electronic transactions, for more than 100 organizations. This experience, supported by 20 years of expertise and innovative technology, means that we process more accurately, seamlessly and quickly than other providers, helping you put more money in the bank and focus on your mission.


Unlike other providers or lockbox companies, KCK Global processes every piece of mail –

Our processing functions include:

  • Mail opening and extraction

  • Event keying

  • Document scanning

  • Electronic Cheque depositing

  • Data capture and keying

  • Information tracking and reporting

  • Workflow management

  • Donor acknowledgement generation

  • Transaction balancing

KCK Global’s full-service solution provides support for virtually any remittance document, allowing you to capture donor information, including comments, that can be used for additional offers. By partnering with us, your organization can achieve increased cost savings, improved funds availability, reduced operating costs and enhanced donor care.


KCK Global’s simple, convenient payment platforms allow donors to give at any time or place, giving you the opportunity to continually engage with them and work to seamlessly secure a lifetime of donations. Our donations processing solutions go beyond paper-based processing, providing support for electronic contributions by credit card or direct withdrawals from your donors’ bank accounts.  In addition, our electronic donations portal and mobile donation solutions allow you to take scheduled, recurring and one-time donations in virtually any format.

KCK Global’s electronic donations solution supports:

  •  Flexible online donation portal options

  •  Mobile donation services

  •  API solutions for gateway donation services

  •  Multiple donor service options

  •  Online donation consolidation


Our data capture systems read and store information from virtually any document that comes with your receivables, including donor contributions and correspondence.


KCK Global’s best-of-breed imaging technologies not only speed up processing, but ensure the accuracy, security and compliance necessary in the current business environment. Our automated data capture solutions provide an efficient approach to storing your data in a variety of formats to match the requirements of your business.

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