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Order Management & Fulfillment

We manage print and digital subscriptions, increase cash flow and enhance the customer experience while decreasing time and staff resources spent on back-end management. By providing a central hub for all customer, product and service information, we simplify the process for you and your customers, ensuring information is effectively managed. Seamlessly manage your print subscriptions, digital products, orders and customers.KCK Global provides end-to-end order management and fulfillment solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers and your business, from handling inbound orders and recurring billing to warehousing and delivery of premiums – all through a sophisticated, automated process. Our comprehensive solution enables you to plan for future growth while providing an end-to-end solution through a single point of contact.



KCK Global’s powerful order management capabilities help you effectively manage new sources for inbound subscriptions and successfully market to all channels for your print and digital content, in turn driving revenue and your bottom line.


With our issue-based subscription order management platform, you have the flexibility to manage all of your business through a single point of contact.


Our solution allows you to take advantage of our integrated marketing solutions, with options such as the ability to provide targeted discounts, coupons, rebates, memberships and promotions based on customer purchase history. In addition, you can easily dig deeply into your customers’ buying habits, allowing you to create targeted marketing and meaningful customer communications that work best for your audience. Once they make a purchase, confirm receipt automatically by sending an email, regardless of the channel of purchase.


After your customer purchases, we provide you with flexible, up-to-date billing, invoicing and collection options so you are able to manage your processes and keep your customer information accurate.  All payments are expertly managed as funds

are deposited and balanced on a daily basis. In addition, we maintain your customer payment history for accurate auditing and internal accounting practices.


With our online subscription billing and management platform, you can acquire and cultivate your existing customers with ease by taking advantage of the nimble subscription models and retention tools available to your customers at the time of acquisition and during their customer lifecycle. Easily manage your business with

various revenue recognition options and automated billing features.

You know your audience the best, so make it easy for your customers to subscribe to your product or service using a combination of subscription models and packages.  This includes the ability for your customers to change their level of service at any point during their subscription, such as upgrading to a higher membership package.


Utilize tools to create new offers effortlessly, whether managing trial periods, monthly to yearly migrations or packaged digital content.  Our flexible solution lets you offer weekly, biweekly, monthly or annual subscriptions to your subscribers – giving you enhanced marketing opportunities while providing your customers with the flexibility they desire.


You can also perform automated billing with recurring charges, increasing retention and allowing your customers to set up their billing once and forget it. Our access-based solution provides email reminders and notifications.


Let KCK Global manage your premiums in a safe environment, while ensuring that inventories are securely stored and moved on a consistent basis. Our innovative, digital equipment helps maintain quality control and consistency of your materials, and our assembly capabilities can handle everything from a single pick and pack to a high-volume kitting environment.


After moving them through the purchase path, you need reports to best understand what your customers are doing. KCK Global makes analyzing your data easy by generating actionable reports directly related to your customer activity to help you make more informed business decisions. These reports are available on-demand through an easy to use online reporting solution.

Some of our reports include:

  • Circulation auditing

  • AAM & BPA

  • Circulation reporting

  • Customer service

  • Financial

  • Inventory

  • Invoicing

  • Shipments

  • Transaction activity

  • Membership reporting

Manager and Worker
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