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Customer Care

Consumer technology has changed the face of the Media industries as we know them. Gone are the days when new technology was introduced through arcane IT, engineering and websites. Consumer technology requires a whole new way of thinking and strategies often unfamiliar to engineered-driven companies.


At KCK Global we design our solutions to make sure that our Clients see the most benefits.  Our solutions lets customers gain control of their account around the clock to make changes.


Not only do your customers benefit but also your partners.  Create controlled access to content as well as areas of your website by letting us be in control of your data.  We specialize in creating web API solutions.


Managing digital access and digital editions has never been easier.


Our Customer Care platform will better engage your customers while reducing your operating costs.


KCK Global is positioned to be an agile partner, which can help its Clients reach their maximum potential.


For more information please contact Kamy Zarbafi @

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