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Subscription Fulfillment

KCK Global sets the highest standard for online and offline subscription fulfillment and database management for publishers and media companies.


With our state of the art technologies and efficient processing solutions we can facilitate incoming customer transactions and deploy multi-channel marketing campaigns.


KCK Global’s subscription fulfillment system includes a multi-publisher platform that can handle audited and non-audited publications. This lets us view, report and extract data based on individuals or product lines.

We can create a single account for multiple publications, customer purchases and other products. Also, we can set up basic requirements such as language preference, do not promote, billing and shipping information. And with our system, you can setup and customize limitless tracking and entries.


Our scan line technology immediately captures subscriber information and appends it to your database, along with images of accompanying cheques and order forms. Just as quickly, we deposit those cheques into your bank accounts.


Rigidly controlled security procedures ensure that only fully authorized and qualified personnel have access to your database.


KCK Global is positioned to be an agile partner, which can help its Clients reach their maximum potential.


For more information please contact Kamy Zarbafi @

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